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Currently, we have a public Facebook page and a private Facebook group. Our private Facebook group is where you can make posts to other members of the Jewish LGBTQIA+ Community in Sydney. Just in case you are not “out” to all of your Facebook friends, then you can choose not to like our public Facebook page, as your friends may be able to see the pages you like. However, if you are a part of our private Facebook group, then your friends will not be able to see that you are a part of Dayenu.

Public Facebook page (called “Dayenu Sydney”): Like and follow our Facebook page to receive updates on our events by clicking here.

Private Facebook group (called "Dayenu - Sydney's Jewish LGBTI+ Group"): To join our private Facebook group, please click here.

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Dayenu Contact Details

If you'd like to contact us about Dayenu, the best method is via email at