Dayenu Contact Details

If you'd like to contact us regarding the website or if you have any questions about Dayenu, the best method is via email at

Dayenu Facebook Group

To join our Facebook group, go to Dayenu's Facebook profile and add it as a friend. Then send us a message telling us why you are interested in joining up. You will then receive an invitation to join the Facebook group (called "Dayenu - Sydney's Jewish GLBTI Group").

It's what Facebook refers to as a "secret" group which means that it will not show up in your Facebook profile, just in case you are not "out" to all your Facebook friends. Once you have accepted the invitation, you can happily delete "Dayenu Sydney" from your friends list and stlil remain a member of the group. If you have any concerns, please email

The Dayenu Newsletter - Dayenusletter

Another way to stay in touch with Dayenu is to subscribe to the Dayenusletter. You'll receive emails about our events and other community news. To sign up, please email You can see the latest newsletter here.