Donations and payments

Dayenu is run exclusively by volunteers and does not charge any fees to its members. There are a number of costs involved in running the group, such as owning and maintaining this website, promotional material, sponsorships of Jewish programmes and outreach to name a few. We do organise fundraisers from time to time, but we are mainly funded through donations.

Usually, our main annual expenditure each year is our float entry in the Mardi Gras parade - registration fee as well as the float and costuming costs.

We are currently welcoming donations for our entry in the Sydney 2024 Mardi Gras. Our presence in the Parade sends an important message to young Jewish folk who are in the closet or in the early stages of coming out, older folk who are socially-isolated, and others in need of support.

There is a further benefit whereby it invigorates the ongoing conversation for more acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ+ folk within the broader Jewish communal context. It also remains important to flag our Jewish existence within LGBTQ+ circles. We initially hope to fund the float, and any additional funds will resource outreach projects throughout the year.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can make a donation via direct deposit. Please contact us for our bank details.

On transfer, please be sure to leave your name or message in the Description field. We appreciate your support.

Shalom and Thankyou.