Dayenu Event Schedule

Below are our upcoming Main Events - Either hosted by or in partnership with Dayenu. We welcome other suggestions for member and partner events.

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16th March:
Barbara Streisand Cup - a Gay and Jewish Friendly Match

Dayenu is excited to advertise the upcoming Barbra Streisand Cup 2024!

The Cup is an annual friendly Rugby match played between the Maccabi Rugby Club, Sydney's only Jewish rugby team, and the Sydney Convicts, Australia’s first gay and inclusive Rugby Union club.

There is to be a free barbecue and drinks following the match at the Bowls Club next door.

Event details:

When: Saturday 16thth March.
Where: Lyne Park, Rose Bay.
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Cost: Free for everyone.
RSVP: Unlike most of our events, no RSVP necessary. Just show up and enjoy!
Support: That's the hardest choice of all - the Gays or the Jews? đŸ¤”

Dayenu Hanukkah in July.

SNEAK PEEK! In a few months time, when we've have a moment to gather ourselves from the excitement of Mardi Gras, wash off the glitter and go back to 'normality', we've a surprise for you...

Okay, so we're spoiling the surprise now, but Dayenu will be hosting our very first Hanukkah in July.

Details still being nutted out, but Watch This Space, Dayenuans!

Event details:

When: July.
Where: TBD.
Calm yourself, pretty.
Cost: Free.
Probs just bring a plate or summat?
RSVP: Seriously, calm yourself, pet. We love that you're gagging with excitement, though.